The following questions are important when reflecting on my works over the past semester:

which of the essays was the most challenging for you and why?

The essay that was most challenging for me was the essay on Class In America. I feel that essay truly tested my ability as a writer and expanded my view on how I should write. It was a transitional essay and was my first essay in a college setting. I feel that my drafts represented a high school-level of writing and the final revision represented college-level writing. This essay challenged me as a writer and expanded my knowledge base of how to write effectively.

which of the essays is the strongest, in your opinion, and why?

I feel that my essay on the Myth of the Model Family is the strongest. I feel that I learned from the essay on Class In America and that I applied my newfound knowledge to the writing of that paper. I focused on my main point and used good supporting sources to back my assertion up. This essay was very easy for me to write because I felt very strongly about my topic. I feel that my personal story with the essay also helped to increase the "strenght" of it and helped for the reader to connect to my paper more.

on which of the essays did you learn the most about writing, and why?

I learned the most about writing from the Class In America paper. I learned how to appropriately use the MLA format and how to make my writing work reflect the way that I feel very clearly and concisely. This essay taught me new things that I didn't know and expanded my writing skill set.

what did you revise in each essay to prepare it for the final portfolio?

I revised all of the gramatical errors and any MLA formatting errors that I may have had. I took heed of the advice that my professor gave me and applied the knowledge that I learned throughout the semester on each of the works as I progressed through the course.

what does your portfolio show about your growth as a writer throughout the semester?

I feel that the portfolio shows how I have grown as a writer. It shows the evolution from a confused and poorly written essay to a mature, concise, and strongly-written paper. Each of these assignments have helped me to grow as a student and has taught me how to effectively plan a paper. The multimedia assignment and the education website helped me to expand how I can express myself and provided for an opportunity for me to learn about alternative forms of media.

what makes your portfolio, and your writing, uniquely yours?

My portfolio is uniquely mine by the way that I have progressed throughout the course. It truly shows my growth as a writer. I learned things that will help me to plan and to focus my thoughts when writing a paper. This portfolio expresses the evolution of all of my works for this semester and gives insight into what I was thinking and how I was feeling throughout all of the writing process.

What was the most valuable part of this semester’s work for you?

The most valuable part of this semester's work was the knowledge of how to plan a paper. After this semester, I feel that I can write an essay on virtually any topic. I feel that I have the knowledge of how to plan a paper and how to pick sources that can back-up your assertion. That is the most valuable part that I got out of this semester and those skills will help me for the rest of my college career and beyond.

What was the most difficult part of this semester’s work for you?

The most difficult part of this semester's work for me was realizing that I no longer could ramble and write down skewed thoughts on an essay and recieve a good grade on it. Throughout high school I could write mediocrity and recieve good grades. This course has expanded my writing skills and has forced me to think on a higher level when writing theses and when choosing sources to support my assertion.