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The link to my website is:

The following is the self-critique on my website and reflection questions:

About the school itself:

1.       What is your mission statement? What are some of the most important things this school believes in?

The McNamara School exists to give every student an equal opportunity at success. We equip students with knowledge of the humanities, with emphasis on History and Literature. Students should have an understanding of their history and their heritage, and should have the ability to analyze and read at an advanced level. Both of these are critical to student success outside of the schooling system. Additionally, students should be able to elect what other courses they take. The other courses offered are used to aid students to find a vocation or a passion. Specialized courses are allowed to students that want to pursue careers in specific areas. Our main goal is to produce knowledgeable students that can perform and excel in today’s world.

2.       Is your mission statement grounded in sound educational philosophy or writing (Mann, Moore, Gatto, Montessori, Waldorf, or others)?  Have you named them and described their authority/experience as educators? This will give your mission statement more credibility.

The mission statement is grounded in an educational philosophy that gives students the choice on what they want to learn. I feel that giving students the option to choose what courses they should take will increase productivity and learning among students.

3.       What is a school day like for students?  Briefly describe it. How are classes set up? Are students kept busy or do they have down time in the day for fun activities or play? Detail is essential here. Account for all activities, time spent, lunch, recess, start and end times.

Students have 4 classes per day. There is a Free Period in which students can leave campus and get lunch from somewhere off campus. Students are kept busy with classes the rest of the time. Classes are an hour and a half a piece with 10 minutes in between each class. 

4.       Is this a public or a private school? Is attendance restricted to a certain type of student? What is the age/grade level?

The school is a public school, more specifically, a public high school. There is a rigorous admissions process to being accepted to the public school though. 

5.       What kind of extracurricular activities does the school offer the students? Does it have a sports program? Music? Theatre?

The school offers the Fine Arts Department which offers courses in Theatre, Music, and Art. All of these give students an opportunity to break out of the classroom and work on projects elsewhere (Theatre, Choral Room, and Art Gallery).

6.       Give a couple of examples of ways the school puts its mission statement into practice in the daily life and opportunities of the students.

The school puts its mission statement into practice in numerous ways. The students are allowed to pick which classes they take. They are given a strong education in Literature and History. The school allows students to make their schedules in a way that will reflect their passions and future careers.

7.       Would you want to go to this school? Why or why not?

Yes! I would love to go to a school like this. I would love the courses on History and Literature. I would elect all of my classes to be in those departments as well as the Political Science Department. 

About the website:

1.       How many links does it have? Name them (must have at least five, not including the Home page).

7 – Home, About, Admissions, Program, Departments, Administration, Contact (There are several sub-links)

2.       What are its primary colors? What emotional response do you have to its primary colors, font, and other design choices? (soothing, excited, fun, and so on). Why?

Primary colors are blue and white, very soothing and professional. The website is made in a way that is simple, yet has all relevant information.

3.       Think like a parent. Is there crucial information you want to know?

Yes: busing, courses offered, administration, admissions process, location.

4.       Think like a student. Is there crucial information you want to know?

Yes: class schedule, courses offered, different departments, admissions process, when Free Period is.

5.       Describe your experience in building a website. Have you ever made a website before? What difficulties did you encounter?

My experience with building a website was all positive. made it very simple to build the website in a way that I had envisioned. This is my second time making a website. The first time I used and it was much more difficult to maneuver.

6.       How does putting this information on a website differ from putting it into paragraphs in a paper? What do you see as the important advantages and disadvantages of each?

The difference from a website to a paper is that the website offers you specific information that you want, unlike a paper that gives you all of the information at one time. I feel that getting information from a website allows for students and parents to get information without going out of their way. Since the internet is used every day, having the schooling information just a click away is very convenient.


I thoroughly enjoyed creating this website. I feel that by creating it, I expanded my knowledge of how to make a website and how to present something in a form other than an essay. I feel that by creating the website I learned more about the education system and how it operates and I have a greater amount of respect for school administrators. There is so much thought and work that goes into creating a stable environment for learning that are rarely ever thought about. By completing this project, I was forced to take those details into account when creating my school. This project was an excellent opportunity for me to expand the ways in which I can express my opinions and views.